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Woodhead Barn
The Woodhead Barn is located on site with our team’s headquarters near Hepworth. We use the barn for our own team meetings and functions. We also rent out the barn for private functions. If you are interested in using this facility, then please visit the Woodhead Barn website where you […]

The Woodhead Barn

Meet Martha The newest trainee of Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team. Martha was born on the 28th September 2014. Her Dad is a working farm border collie and Mum used to be, but is now a family pet. Martha came to live with her handler Lisa Brearley and family on the […]

Welcome to our newest trainee

So, the 2nd of these articles about the team’s assessments. Navigation and communication skills. One of our seasoned campaigners has laid out a series of control points (CPs) which we have to individually navigate our way around. It’s an old school nav challenge, using map/compass and skill only, satmaps and […]

Navigation Assessment

Over the last 18 months or so, Woodhead rescue team has gradually developed, tested and introduced ongoing competency assessments for all team members. This series of articles are a sort of personal look at the process, and how it feels. We are to be assessed in 4 of our core […]

Rope Work Assessment

Hypothermia can happen anytime of the year and here is a handy guide available to download and take on the hill with you, print out and pop it into your first aid kit or rucsac pocket. Produced by the FRA with input from Woodhead team member Ian. http://everythingoutdoors.co.uk/hypothermia-guide-to-download/

Download a free guide to Hypothermia

Over the last few weeks the team have been getting some extra rope training.  Today’s extraction was designed to push the rope skills of the team by making them do a multipitch pitch lower of a casualty. The brief was a walker had fallen some where high up on the Pennine […]

Rope Training Excercise