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Lost 76year old With heart problems on Kinder. Misper found by public and walked off. Stood down. This incident involved 2 team members, and 0.8 man hours of effort. Elapsed time 0.4 hours.

00666 MRSDE Callout

A mountain Biker had fallen from his bike hitting a rock in Wharncliffe Woods. He sustained injuries to his Pelvis and a suspected fracture of his Femur. Our Doctors and Paramedic treated him on site and we stretchered him down to the Ambulance. This incident involved 17 team members, and […]

YAS 9881341 MTB with Broken Femur

We were called to assist an ambulance crew with a 48YOM who had collapsed with Chest Pains near Agden Reservoir. However the Crew managed to get him into the ambulance just as the first of our Team Members were arriving. This incident involved 19 team members, and 9.5 man hours […]


We were called by YAS to attend to a 55YOF who had sustained an ankle injury near Silkstone S.Yorks. The patient was treated on scene and stretchered off to an ambulance. This incident involved 12 team members, and 16.8 man hours of effort. Elapsed time 1.4 hours.

YAS 9836837 Injured Walker Silkstone

We were asked by Holme Valley MRT to assist them with a search for a missing woman on Holme Moss. Shortly after we arrived, she was located by an HMRT Search party and we assisted in her recovery from the hill. This incident involved 12 team members, and 36 man […]

00641 WYP 108729 Lost Walker

We were called by YAS to a 66 YOM who had fallen on the Cut Gate path and broken his ankle. The team treated him on scene and stretchered him to the Air Ambulance. This incident involved 12 team members, and 19.2 man hours of effort. Elapsed time 1.6 hours.

YAS 9769146 Fallen Walker-Cut Gate

We were called by SYP to search for a missing vulnerable 70 YOM, last seen in Cudworth near Barnsley. With the aid of search dogs and search parties we located the missing man who had sadly succumbed to the cold. Our thoughts are with his family at this sad time. […]

SYP 688 Vulnerable misper search

We were callled by SYP to rescue a Father and son crag fast on steep ground west of Langsett res. We managed to walk them out of there safely. This incident involved 23 team members, and 27.6 man hours of effort. Elapsed time 1.2 hours.


We were requested to help evacuate the village of Ambaston in Derbyshire by Derby MRT. Just before we got underway, we were stood down as the situation was deemed to be less severe than first thought. This incident involved 16 team members, and 4.8 man hours of effort. Elapsed time […]

00627 Water rescue derbyshire

We were contacted at 22:00 by the polivce to search for a 23 YOM who had become lost near Swains head whilst on a circular walk. Fortunately we managed to fix his location with W3Wv and phone find, so we despatched hill parties and a search dog to locate him […]

SYP 915 of 17/10 Lost Walker Nr Swains Head

We were altered by YAS to a 68 YOM with breathing difficulties on Thickwoods lane, Langsett. The team responded quickly and recovered the patient to the Ambulance. This incident involved 14 team members, and 11.2 man hours of effort. Elapsed time 0.8 hours.

YAS 9654414 68 yr old male with breathing difficul

We were tasked by SYP to help two elderly males who had become lost on the moors SW of Pike Low. We located them Quickly using W3W and Phone Find Software. The team deployed quickly to scene and were aided by the local Gamekeeper who used his Argocat to help […]

SYP 416 Two males lost at Fox Stones