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A fell runner found an unexploded live Mortar round on the moors and contacted us. We contacted the MOD via SYP and the bomb disposal crew detonated the device. This incident involved 3 team members, and 6.6 man hours of effort. Elapsed time 2.2 hours.

SYP 705 UXB on Hincliffe Common

Called by Derbyshire Police to locate and extract two lost walkers from the top of Far Black Clough. Their location was fixed using Phone Find and we sent a vehicle to pick them up. This incident involved 3 team members, and 5.7 man hours of effort. Elapsed time 1.9 hours.

DPOL 1545 Walkers lost on Far Black Clough

Callout to search missing person for Glossop MRT. Stood down before being deployed. This incident involved 2 team members, and 1.8 man hours of effort. Elapsed time 0.9 hours.

00788 MRSDE Callout

One of our team members was walking her dog on near Greno woods when she saw an ambulance crew about to head into the woods. She found out that they were going to a mountain biker in the Bomb Hole so she alerted the team who were ready when the […]

YAS 10317998 MTB Greno Woods

We were called by YAS to attend a Mountain Bike Incident in a Quarry outside Conisbrough, our second call to that location this month. The rider had been knocked unconscious but the ambulance crew managed to extract him themselves and we were stood down on route. This incident involved 9 […]

YAS 10315752 MTB fallen in Quarry Conisbrough

Called to assist YAS recovering an MTB rider with an ankle injury. The rider managed to make their own way to the ambulance. Team stood down on arrival. This incident involved 14 team members, and 12.6 man hours of effort. Elapsed time 0.9 hours.

YAS 10306415 22 YOM MTB in Wombwell Woods

We received a call from YAS for a MTB who had fallen on the cut gate track at Bull Clough after having a seizure. Because of the serious nature of the injury, he was airlifted to hospital by the Coast Guard S92 after being treated by the team and paramedics. […]

YAS – 10291777 MTB fallen on Mickleden track

Called by YAS to attend an MTB rider who had fallen from his bike in a disused Quarry near Conisbrough. Our third incident at that site ofer the past few years. However, when the YAS crew arrived they wewre able to get access to the site so we were stood […]

YAS 10286316 MTB fallen in Quarry

Called by YAS to help locate a person in relation to an incident involving a fatality in Thorpe Hesley. This incident involved 2 team members, and 0.4 man hours of effort. Elapsed time 0.2 hours.

YAS 10273574 Locate informant.

Called by YAS to assist with an injured youth on the Greno Woods MTB course. Team members arrived and treated the casualty before transporting him to an ambulance at the roadside. This incident involved 12 team members, and 16.8 man hours of effort. Elapsed time 1.4 hours.

YAS 10271780 MTB fallen on steel city track

Alerted by YAS to a fallen horse rider in Thurlstone. This was to the rear of a team members house so we were on scene very quickly and stretchered the casualty back to the ambulance This incident involved 7 team members, and 4.2 man hours of effort. Elapsed time 0.6 […]

YAS 10268606 Fallen Horse Rider

Called to assist YAS in extraction of a walker who had fallen over and injured themselves. The team packaged and transported the casualty to the ambulance at a nearby road access. This incident involved 11 team members, and 23.1 man hours of effort. Elapsed time 2.1 hours.

YAS 10252198 Male fallen down banking

Alerted by YAS to help extract a Mountain biker who had fallen off hi bike on the Trans Pennine Trail near the old Earth Centre at Conisbrough. As we made our way there, the YAS crew arrived and were able to recover him themselves so we stood down. This incident […]

YAS 10250744 MTB fallen on TPT Conisbrough

Called out by YAS to attend tom a 24 YOM who had fallen from his bike sustaining a head injury. When we arrived the Ambulance crew had managed to get him onto their trolley so we were stood down. This incident involved 10 team members, and 16 man hours of […]

YAS 10236961 24 YOM fallen off bike