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17 YOM came off MTB sustaining chest and shoulder injuries. We were able to walk him off to the road. This incident involved 12 team members, and 21.6 man hours of effort. Elapsed time 1.8 hours.

YAS 10487433 MTB Greno Woods

A female Mountain biker fell from her bike near the top of the steel city MTB track in Greno Woods. This is a popular site for MTB accidents and we are well practiced at dealing with such incidents. The lady sustained a broken collar bone so she was treated on […]

YAS 10459461 F48 MTB accident Greno woods

We were asked by EMRT to assist them with their third incident of the day on Stanage edge. Some of our members were close by and able to assist immediately and the job was complete before most of the team arrived. This incident involved 20 team members, and 16 man […]

YAS 10448693 Assist EMRT with snatch on Stanage e

Called by Derbyshire Police to help a walker who had become stuck above the waterfall in Middle Black Clough. By the time we arrive/shortly after, he had already made his own way back to the car and was about to leave for hospital. This incident involved 30 team members, and […]

DPOL 1327 Injured Walker Middle Black Clough

Search for missing vulnerable person. Search concluded with Kinder Team dog find of deceased person. This incident involved 2 team members, and 8 man hours of effort. Elapsed time 4 hours.

00811 MRSDE Callout

Missing vulnerable male. Located by police while on route. This incident involved 2 team members, and 3 man hours of effort. Elapsed time 1.5 hours.

00807 MRSDE Callout

We received a request from Yas to help extract a female walker who had fallen injuring her ankle in woods. The team carried her out on a stretcher to the ambulance. This incident involved 11 team members, and 23.1 man hours of effort. Elapsed time 2.1 hours.

YAS 10388293 Walker fell in Woods

Contacted by SYP to help locate a vulnerable male following a domestic incident. We sent a phone find message to try and locate him but he handed himself into the police a few minutes later. This incident involved 1 team members, and 0.1 man hours of effort. Elapsed time 0.1 […]

SYP 266 Sarloc Request

We were tasked by South Yorkshire police to search for a missing vulnerable male in the Worsbrough area. We deployed several foot search parties and four dogs. The person was found alive 3 hrs later by a member of the public north of the search area. This incident involved 30 […]

SYP 938 Hi Risk Misper Worsbrough