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We were called out in support of YAS to assist with a Mountain Biker who had collided with a tree in Greno Woods. The rider had sustained a number of injuries and was treated on the scene by YAS paramedics and an MR doctor before being transported by stretcher to […]

YAS 866850 MTB Greno Woods

We were asked to support YAS who were dealing with a patient who had gone into cardiac arrest near Wharncliffe Woods. We were stood down and re-tasked to deal with another incident before arriving on scene. This incident involved 15 team members, and 6 man hours of effort. Elapsed time […]

YAS 8668398 Cardiac Arrest Wharncliffe

We were called out at 06:30 this morning to assist CVRT with an ongoing search for a missing 70 year old man on the moorland near Howarth. The missing person was located later this morning by the Coastguard S-92 helicopter and he was airlifted to hospital with minor injuries. The […]

00313 CVSRT Assist Missing Person Search

We were called out to assist YAS who were dealing with an injured Injured MTB rider about half way down the Steel City Downhill route in Greno Woods. The rider had collided with a tree at speed, sustaining head, shoulder and bike injuries. We worked with the YAS crew to […]

YAS 8647933 Injured MTB Rider – Greno Woods

We were requested to provide assistance to YAS who had been called to an injured mountain biker in Wharncliffe Woods. The team located the casualty using his phone’s GPS and dispatched along Plank Gate track to reach him. RV with the ambulance crew along Plank Gate, they had set off […]

00276 MTB Rider Injured Wharncliffe

We were called out by YAS to assist them recovering a mountain biker who had fallen off sustaining a broken ankle in Greno Woods. The patient was located using his phone’s GPS and transferred by stretcher to the ambulance. This incident involved 17 team members, and 20.4 man hours of […]

00269 MTB Greno Woods near Bomb Hole

Mountain Biker fell off on Jump on Steel City Track Neck and chest injuries YAS 8571556 This incident involved 16 team members, and 24 man hours of effort. Elapsed time 1.5 hours.

00263 MTB Greno Woods

57 yr old male gone for a walk up cut gate but became benighted with no lighting got lost around N America track SYP Inc No. 670 This incident involved 11 team members, and 19.8 man hours of effort. Elapsed time 1.8 hours.

00260 Benighted Walker Cut Gate

yas 8549735 On bank of Damflask reservoir – 3/4 of a mile from the main road 17:59hrs 29-09-18 L @ + 67YOF Fallen Exploring reservoir banks due to low water levels. Tripped on Rock and fell over. This incident involved 20 team members, and 32 man hours of effort. Elapsed […]

00257 Injured Walker Dale Dyke Res

A walker had fallen over in the woods, sustaining facial injuries in Greno Woods. He was located and transferred to an awaiting ambulance by stretcher. This incident involved 13 team members, and 10.4 man hours of effort. Elapsed time 0.8 hours.

00256 Injured walker in Greno Woods