2011 Incidents

2011-29: December 31st 2011 11:25 (YAS Assist)

The casualty, a local farmer had been without a water supply for some time. Since the supply is on the moor he went to investigate and became ill whilst walking up the moor. His wife contacted a friend who dialed 999. The SY Ambulance first responder was an Edale team member who asked for MRT support. Woodhead members helped carry him to the road and transferred him to the ambuance.[Edit]

2011-28: December 30th 2011 18:37 (Multi-Team)

Male walker left Glossop to go for a walk on Bleaklow. He was poorly equiped and as a result became lost. After contacting the Police by mobile phone. A search was organised involving Glossop, Woodhead, & Edale teams plus search dogs. He was located in the upper reaches of the Westend River and walked off.


2011-27: 30th December 2011 11:47 (YAS Assist)

Team called by SY Ambulance after a cyclist suffered a fit whilst riding downhill on the Strines Road, and going over the wall falling face down into the stream. He was pulled to safety by a witness then evacuated to an air ambulance by the Team.


2011-26: 28th December 2011 – 09:00 (SARDA)

Team Search Dogs again called to assist with the ongoing search for 84 year old women who went missing in Congleton on Christrmas Evehttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-16339896


2011-25: 27th December 2011 09:00 – 19:00 (SARDA)

Team search dogs with navigators travelled to Congleton in cheshire to assist Cheshire Search & Rescue with the ongoing search for a missing 84 year old lady - The search was stood down for that day with nothing found


2011-24: 16th December 2011 – 15:00 (SARDA)

Team Search Dogs with Navigators called to assist Kinder MRT with a search for an elderly person with Alzheimer's near Stockport.Stood down enroute when the lady was found safe and well


2011-23: 4th December 2011 – 19:21 (SARDA)

Team search dogs were called @ 19:21 on 4th December in worsening conditions including heavy snow to a missing person search in Leek Staffs. Stood down enroute when missing person was found by Buxton Members.


2011-22: 27th November 2011 – 11:00 (SARDA)

Team search dogs called on 27th November at 11:00 to attend Weston on Trent in the search for a missing 74 year old. Stood down at 17:43


2011-21: 11th November 2011 – 16:25 (SARDA)

Team Serch Dogs called to assist Kinder, Buxton and Glossop teams for a search on the western side of Kinder Plateau for a missing walker. Dog teams were stood down on route when the walker was found close to Kinder Downfall.


2011-20: 10th October 2011 – 17:20 (SARDA)

Team Search dogs called to assist Oldham MRT and other search dog teams from Calder Valley, Glossop and Buxton MRT's with a missing person search in Cheadle Heath, Stockport


2011-19: July 6th 2011 (YAS Assist)

Called at 21:12 to assist paramedics with evacuation of male mountain biker from Warncliffe Woods who had sustained hip injuries.[Edit]

2011-18: July 4th 2011 (SARDA)

Search Dogs called at 09:50 to assist Calder Valley Team in serach for a 47 year old male near Morely, Leeds.


2011-17: June 17th 2011 (SARDA)

Search Dogs called at 09:00 to assist Swaledale Team in the search for a 62 year old male.[Edit]

2011-16: May 8th 2011 (SARDA)

Search Dogs called at 22:10 to assist Edale MRT with search for missing group on Kinder Scout.


2011-15: May 7th 2011 (Multi-Team)

Joint call of Woodhead & Glossop Teams to assist North West Air Ambulance with the evacuation of a 19 year old male from Sheffield who had fallen 10m, breaking his hip and arm, whilst scrambling.


2011-14: May 7th 2011 (SARDA)

Search Dogs called at 00:00 to assist with missing person search.[Edit]

2011-13: April 29th 2011 (SARDA)

Search Dogs called to assist Kinder Team in a missing person search near Higher Poynton, Cheshire. Stood down en route.


2011-12: April 22nd 2011 (Multi-Team)

Called at 08:00 to assist in continuation of previous day’s search.[Edit]

2011-11: April 21st 2011 (Multi-Team)

Called at 15:15 to assist Glossop, Kinder, Edale & Buxton Teams in a missing person search at Snake Summit. SK088 929


2011-10: April 17th 2011 (Multi-Team)

Called at 20:10 to assist Glossop and Edale Teams in the search for a fell runner on Bleaklow. The runner was located and taken back to the road by Police Helicopter as teams were being deployed. SK121 940


2011-09: April 16th 2011 (Snatch)

Whilst out walking near Black Hill, a team member encountered a 29 year old mountain biker who had parted company with his bike. The mountain biker was treated for his injuries before being assisted back to the road.


2011-08: April 14th 2011 (SARDA)

Search Dogs called to assist Derby Team with the continued search for the missing 41 year old man near Chesterfield. BBC Derby News


2011-07: April 13th 2011 (SARDA)

Search Dogs called to assist Derby Team in a search for a missing 41 year old man in the surrounds of Hardwick Hall near Chesterfield.


2011-06: April 9th 2011 (SARDA)

Search Dogs called to assist Derby Team in a missing person search in the Chesterfield area. The missing person was found safe and well, outside of the search area.


2011-05: March 27th 2011 (SARDA)

Search Dogs called to assist Calder Valley Team in a search for a missing 52 year old man in surrounding areas of Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire. SE 024 236


2011-04: March 5th 2011 (SARDA)

Search Dogs called to assist Kinder, Buxton & Edale Teams in a search for 2 walkers benighted on Kinder Scout


2011-03: February 26th 2011 (YAS Assist)

Call from Yorkshire Ambulance Service to respond to Wharncliffe where a woman had fallen from a horse, injuring her collar bone and possibly her spine. Evacuated by Woodhead with YAS to Air Ambulance. SK 318 950.[Edit]

2011-02: February 21st 2011 (Multi-Team)

Called by Glossop Team at 19:30 to assist with search for two males reported lost in poor visibility on Bleaklow. Searched the Northern edges without result. They were found by Search Dog handler Mick Nield in the Alport. SK 115 942.


2011-01: February 19th 2011 (SARDA)

Search Dogs called to assist Holme Valley Team in a search in Wakefield, West Yorkshire: Missing Person was found safe later the same day.