Callout For Two Lost Walkers

The team was contacted last night at 23:30hrs, 24th May for two walkers lost somewhere above Far Black Clough. 
The walkers had set off from the carpark at Torside to walk up the waterfalls in Middle Black Clough, once the walkers had reached the plateau above, darkness began to set in and the pair became navigationally challenged and called for assistance. Sarloc was used to determine the location of the walkers putting them 200m above the turning circle. 
After a telephone conversation with the lost walkers, it was established they were fit and well and it was decided that two team members would drive the Land Rover up to the turning circle, locate the lost walkers, escort them to the Landy and drive them back to safety and their own vehicle at Torside. 
After returning to base to decontaminate the vehicle, team members and restock PPE, the incident was complete by 01:20hrs.
Even as the summer months are upon us, it remains just as important to plan your walks taking into account sunset times, the routes your taking and the equipment and skills needed to successfully navigate and enjoy the open countryside, remember to be #adventuresmart.