Callout to Langsett

The team was called out today at 14:57hrs to assist Yorkshire Ambulance Service at Langsett Reservoir. A 32-year-old female was experiencing an allergic reaction and needed assistance. After 2 doses of adrenaline by paramedics, the casualty was warmed in one of our Blizzard Bags while the effects of the allergic reaction dissipated and once fit to do so, walked back to the waiting ambulance.
Due to the current situation we’re all currently facing right now, the team made the tough decision a while back to suspend all none essential team operations including training, events and fundraising. This is to give us the best chance of our team maintaining operational status throughout this national crisis meaning we can still be there to help you.
There’s no doubt that we are all facing uncertainty now and what the future holds no one knows. As a charity, suspending our fundraising is set to have a massive impact on the team, how much so we don’t know, the team needs to raise £35,000 per year and this year, that amount will likely be unattainable, the team would be hugely grateful if you could continue to support us at Woodhead MRT, you can find a JustGiving link on our website. 
From us all at Woodhead MRT, stay safe and stay healthy.