March 22nd 16:16

We were asked in the afternoon by the discharge lounge at HRI to transport a patient to Scunthorpe. This was via the west Yorkshire Resilience forum. It was significantly out of our area and as we did not want to commit WM1 so far out of area, we asked if any team members were willing to assist. Two team members kindly offered to help out, and they spent a long evening providing a patient transport service over to Scunthorpe and back.Meanwhile the Snow continued to fall. We called SYP to ask if they needed assistance, they advised Penistone was pretty chaotic, so we deployed WM1 to assist. We spent about 1 hour towing / pushing cars up the hill into Thurlstone since the main road was backing up. Once this was cleared we took a quick drive around Penistone, all was clear so we stood down