March 23rd 09:47

We got a call at 09.47 from Yorkshire Ambulance Service requesting assistance with an elderly couple in Dunford Bridge, a YAS crew was en route. Since WM1 was mobile we deployed and followed a JCB into Dunford Bridge – without which we would not have got there – assisted the YAS crew and then returned to Carlecotes crossroads for a handover to a land Ambulance. Whilst there several cars were stuck, these were dug out and a family given a lift up to Crow edge where they needed to collect family members.After dealing with the Carlecotes cars we returned to Penistone, called in at the police station to see what else was required but, there were no further problems at that time.  A quick check of the nursing home, sheltered accommodation and other vulnerable areas revealed all was well. We contacted SYP and YAS to advise we were available, neither had any incidents, so we stood down.