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We were asked to support Edale MRT to search for a missing vulnerable male in the Wincobank area of Sheffield. He was later found alive and well outside of the search area. This incident involved 9 team members, and 27.9 man hours of effort. Elapsed time 3.1 hours.

01231 SYP11520F25/7 MRSDE Callout

We were asked by YAS to help a group of walkers one of whom had become severely de-hydrated in the hot weather near Horse Stone. The job was in Edale MRT’s area so we passed it to them. They evacuated the severely ill casualty by helicopter and the rest were […]

YAS 11606028 Dehydrated Walkers

Returning from route of fell race to start as a supporter (not racing) came across collapsed runner. 24 yo female, not responding. Airway OK, breathing fast, pulse strong but very past. This incident involved 2 team members, and 6 man hours of effort. Elapsed time 3 hours.

01221 Aldermans Accent

We were asked by YAS to go to a 62 YOM who had collapsed after his internally fitted defib had activated. We were initially given the wrong location due to an error with W3W and eventually received the correct location from a passer by. The gentleman was very poorly and […]

YAS 11558177 62 YOM with ICD

We were asked to give assistance to Edale MRT to Search for a missing vulnerable male near Ladybower reservoir. We searched the surround area along with Glossop, Buxton, Derby teams and MRSDE Search dogs. The man was later found deceased in woodland by an Edale search team. Our thoughts are […]

SYP 168 Missing Vulnerable Male

Whilst on Exercise around Salters Brook, we were called by SYP to help search for a vulnerable male who was believed to be in the Honeywell area nr. Barnsley. We arrived on scene and carried out several searches in torrential rain, but happily, we found the man alive within 2km […]

SYP768 Vulnerable Misper – Barnsley

We were called by YAS to a male who had fallen next to a railway track near Royston. British Transport Police and the HART Team were also involved and we were stood down a few minutes later as the man managed to get up and walk out. This incident involved […]

YAS 00150872 Male fallen by Railway track

Called by YAS to a gentleman who had sustained an ankle injury near the little Don River. The Team deployed Mobile 2 from the Hordron Road and manafed to walk the casualty off to our vehicle from where he was driven back to the ambulance. This incident involved 10 team […]

YAS 1151048 Ankle Injury Little Don Area

We were called by YAS to a 38 YOM Mountain Biker who had gone over the handlebars in Greno Woods. He had hurt his hip but when we examined him thankfully nothing was broken. He was very cold though, so we applied heat packs and carried him off to the […]


called by YAS toa28 YOM Mountain Biker who had fallen from his bike in Wharncliffe Woods injuring his hand and pelvis. We treated him on svene and transported him in our team velhicle to the Ambulance. This incident involved 7 team members, and 23.8 man hours of effort. Elapsed time […]

YAS 11489851 MTB Wharncliffe Woods