Replacing Mobile 2

Mobile 2 is now our team’s oldest vehicle and she’s beginning to show her age, so we will need to purchase a replacement within the next year. This year we have started a fund raising campaign in order to raise the money that will be needed to purchase and fit-out a replacement vehicle.

Why do we need it?

Mobile 2 provides us with a number of capabilities which are indispensible to our team as well as other agencies who we work with such as the Police.

  • It provides a secure and confidential area where we can brief team members, relatives, the police and any other agencies.
  • It carries a large amount of team equipment that we need in order to be able to carry out missing person searches.
  • It serves as a mobile command and control centre when deployed to an incident site. The vehicle is equipped with a large amount of communications and IT equipment that is essential to our successful operation.
  • It provides a heated refuge from the weather which can be used to warm, feed and debrief casualties after rescue.