Reflecting On The Year That Was 2020

Well that’s it folks, it’s time to say goodbye to 2020 and what a year it’s been.
As we look back over the year, a year that Woodhead MRT had a record number of incidents, 90 in total, we look back at how the team had to adapt to the challenges influenced by a global pandemic, protocols you’d only expect to see at the movies fast became the norm and team members adapted to ensure we were still available to help those in need.
One of the biggest challenges of 2020 has been team training, the team itself was split into 3 to help contain an outbreak should it happen and ensure we still have enough team members to respond to callouts.
When face to face team training was suspended, Zoom meetings became the preferred method and although there is no substitute for getting out training, it ensured we still had contact with our team mates and online training was provided by team members, let’s not forget the weekly zoom quizzes that bought a little sanity into our lives.
Possibly the biggest challenge we faced as a team this year has been fundraising. We’re only here and able to provide the service that we do through the generosity of the public and local businesses who make donations that the team wholly relies on to survive. 
This year, all our usual fundraising events were cancelled and the means of generating funds severely impacted, but with thanks to all the lovely people that have made donations through Facebook, JustGiving and anyway they could get donations to us, and the continued support from local businesses in many different ways, we’re still here.
So we wish all our followers, supporters, sponsors, friends and family all the best for 2021 and hopefully soon, a sense of normality can resume.