2010 Incidents

2010-04: December 28th 2010 (Search)

Search dogs Abbie and Dodge called to assist CVSRT with a search on Ilkley Moor for a 66yr old male. Stood down after searches were completed. Nothing found.[Edit]

2010-03: December 17th 2010 (Search)

Search dog Abbie called to assist HVMRT with a search for a 79 yr old in Outwood Nr Wakefield. Found at 12.00 by dog walkers, alive but Hypothermic.[Edit]

2010-02: December 2nd 2010 (YAS Assist)

Continuation of previous day’s incident giving further assistance to YAS at various locations. Stood down at 19:45 hours.[Edit]

2010-01: December 1st 2010 (YAS Assist)

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist with the evacuation of stranded motorists on A57 between Anston and Worksop. With over 150 people needing help to reach safe shelter in South Anston assistance was called from EMRT and CVSRT. BBC News[Edit]