Callout For Lost Mountain Biker On Black Hill

 The teams first callout of the year came in on Tuesday the 12th January at 17:28hrs for a lost mountain biker on Black Hill. 
The gentleman who had cycled from his home became disoriented on Black Hill and unable to find his way off and called for help. Phonefind was used to determine the mountain bikers location which was between Heyden Head and Black Hill summit. 
Given an air temperature of -3 and reports from the casualty that he is unable to walk due to very cold feet, a hasty party was deployed to the casualty shortly followed by a stretcher party incase our attempts to warm the mountain biker and get him walking failed
The casualty was placed inside a Blizzard Bag and given food which the gentleman responded well to. We was able to walk casualty back to Holme Moss summit carpark where he was checked over before being given a lift back to his home by one of our team member.