2012 Incidents

2012-28: December 26th 16:06 (Search)

Not long after we had returned home from the previous incident, we were asked by the duty controller to mount a search for five people plus their dog who had become lost in the mist on Howden Edge. However, as we were alerting the Team, the party phoned to say that they thought they had found the path that they had originally come out on. To be sure we sent a small party round to Kings Tree to check, who found them just as they were about to leave the car park.


2012-27: December 26th 11:57 (YAS Assist)

We were called by South Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist them with the recovery of a lady who had fallen and injured her upper arm on the banks of Moor Hall Reservoir near Stocksbridge. The Team Landrover as used to get personell and a stretcher to the scene. We then evacuated the lady to the County Ambulance, from where she was taken to hospital.[Edit]

2012-26: December 9th 12:30 (Snatch)

Whilst out for a walk on Cut gate, a Trainee Team Member came across an elderly woman who had fallen and sustained a head injury on the path above Brookhouse Bridge. He called it in, and the Team were deployed to assist the injured woman to safety. She was given medical treatment in the team ambulance and taken home.


2012-25: December 6th 22:38 (Snatch)

The Team's 4x4 drivers were put on standby to rescue the passengers of a coach that had left the road on the A635 Isle of Skye road above Meltham in bad weather conditions. We were stood down a short while later as the incident had been dealt with by the Highways Agency


2012-24: December 2nd 2012 12:53 (Search)

The team were asked to assist HVMRT with an ongoing search for a 50 year old Male who had been missing since Tuesday.  Several areas were searched by both teams plus dogs around Yateholme  and Riding Wood Reservoirs but nothing was found.[Edit]

2012-23: November 12th 2012 10:54 (Multi-Team)

Woodhead were put on standby to assist Edale MRT in a search for a missing vulnerable person. We were stood down a short while later as the missing person had been found.[Edit]

2012-22: November 3rd 2012 09:00 (Multi-Team)

Woodhead MRT together with Glossop, Kinder and Bolton MRT's assisted Oldham MRT with a search for a male who had been missing from home in Tameside since the previous Tuesday. The teams searched an area a short distance from his home, but whilst the search was ongoing, the man's body was found by a member of the public some miles away.


2012-21: October 30th 2012 16:27 (Multi-Team)

The team was asked to assist Glossop MRT in a search for five members of a D of E  party wh had become lost on Bleklow as night fell.  The party were contacted by mobile phone and told to blow their whistles, which enabled GMRT to locate them near Higher Shelf Stones.


2012-20: September 8th 2012 21.33 (Search)

The team were put on standby for a search for a missing party of walkers on Bleaklow. This turned into a shout at 22.15 and we set off to RV at Torside but were stood down en route as the party had turned up safe and well.


2012-19: August 6th 2012 19:03 (Snatch)

A youth group were walking up mickleden edge when one of the party, a 12 yr old girl, fell whilst running to the assistance of another member of the party who she thought was in distress, injuring her knee. The group tried to carry her off, but were unable to do so, and called for assistance. The team arrived quickly having been about to deploy on an exercise, and stretchered her off to the land ambulance. Air ambulance arrived on scene but were stood down due to the nature of the injury and the simplicity of the carry off.[Edit]

2012-18: August 3rd 2012 08:21 (Multi-Team)

The Team plus several search dogs were called to assist Edale & Derby MRT's in a search for a missing vunerable 72 yr old Male in Dronfield. The Search had been started the previous evening.He was found an hour later, alive, by one of the search dogs.


2012-17: June 8th 2012 22:00 (Search)

Mid Pennine Search Dogs called to assist Calder Valley SRT in a search for a despondent 40 yr old male. Stood down after he was located by Police.[Edit]

2012-16: June 4th-5th 2012 (Snatch)

The team were called out to deal with an unexploded WWII shell which had been found by a member of the public close to the cut gate path above Langsett. We called in the MOD Bomb Disposal Unit who arrived on Tuesday morning and were taken by Helicopter to the site.  The shell was examined and found to be in an unstable condition, and was destroyed using a controlled explosion.WARNING!!!There are a number of these shells discovered every year. If you spot one, DO NOT TOUCH IT OR ATTEMPT TO MOVE IT. MAKE A NOTE OF ITS EXACT LOCATION AND REPORT IT TO THE POLICE. 


2012-15: May 31st 2012 19:28hrs (Search)

We were tasked by South Yorkshire police to search for a 58yr old vulnerable male who had disappeared from his home near Deepcar.The team together with search dogs, searched the area around More Hall Reservoir, but were stood down two hours later after the man had been located by police in London.


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2012-14: May 20th 2012 16:35 (Snatch)

Following a day of training exercises and fundraising on Sunday 20th May 2012, Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team were called out to rescue a lamb from a remote quarry ledge on the outskirts of Digley, West Yorkshire.  The call was made by a concerned member of the public who had noticed the agitated lamb on the ledge whilst out walking.The Team received the call at 1635hrs and were on scene by 1700hrs.  On arrival at the quarry the lamb was located 60ft up on a precarious ledge.  However, there was a twist.  A local teenager who had been out walking noticed the lamb and climbed the rock face to try and help.  Unfortunately, the lamb had other ideas and had no interest in the teenagers help, ultimately evading capture.  Given the wet and slippery location of the ledge and rock face the teenager was also unable to get down.Team members erected a technical belay system with one of the Team abseiling down on to the ledge from higher up in the quarry.  After a tense stand off leading to a strategic dance around the ledge the lamb was captured, secured in a rescue harness and lowered to safety.  The Wodhead Team member then climbed the slippy rock face to rescue his second casualty, the teenager, also lowering him to safety.Thankfully, both the teenager and the lamb were uninjured in the incident.


2012-13: April 13th 2012 16:41 (YAS Assist)

We received a call from South Yorkshire Ambulance Service to help evacuate a man who had fallen from a muddy track down a steep slope in woods near Ecclesfield. He had a suspected broken ankle. The SY Air ambulance was in attendance but we managed to carry him off on our stretcher to a waiting land ambulance.


2012-12: April 13th 2012 11:45 (Multi-Team)

We were asked to assist Glossop MRT in evacuating by stretcher,  a young girl from Bleaklow to the Snake Summit. The Girl had a suspected broken ankle.


2012-11: April 6th 2012 23:48 (Multi-Team)

We were asked to assist Glossop MRT in the search for a party that were reported lost somewhere on Bleaklow, possibly Shining Clough. Further information recieved from the party by mobile phone indicated that they might be in Near Black Clough.  They were picked up by a Glossop hill party at the top of Near Black Clough and escorted to safety by WMRT & GMRT. One person was stretcherd off. Incident closed at 05:05 See press article


2012-10: April 3rd 2012 13:54 (YAS Assist)

We were called By South Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist with the evacuation of an injured Mountain Biker from woods near Oughtibridge. The problem was resolved a few minutes later and the team was stood down.


2012-09: March 23rd 2012 11:40 (Multi-Team)

The Team was called to assist Edale MRT in  a search for a vulnerable elderly male in Dronfield. We searched thick undergrowth around a golf course of which he was a member and  near to where he was last seen, but with no result. The man was later found deceased two miles away.


2012-08: March 19th 2012: 16.00 (Snatch)

The Team was called to assist a man whose dog had fallen down a steep slope and lost the use of its rear legs. The Man was assisted off the hill by Team Members, and vets from Glossop attended to the dog which due to its injuries was stretchered off.  See press article


2012-07: March 17th 2012 11.45 (Snatch)

Whilst covering the Lads Leap fell race at crowden, the Team dealt with five casualties fom the race, all with leg injuries. Three were evacuated by Team Land Rover from the fellside, one after being carried to safety by a team member.


2012-06: March 17th 2012 : 10.30 (YAS Assist)

Whlist several team members were en route to Crowden to provide cover for a Fell Race, they received a call from EMRT to assist one of their paramedics who had been called to an incident at Bolsterstone where a 73 yr old male had fallen and sustained lower leg injuries. He was evacuated by stretcher to the ambulance at the road head and taken to Hospital.


2012-05: February 22nd 2012 : 12.48 (Search)

A 71 yr old male had collapsed in the pub on Sunday and had been taken to Hospital in Rotherham. He subsequently left Hospital and has not been seen since. The team searched the area without result. Ploice enquiries are ongoing.


2012-04: February 4th 2012 : 20.00 (Multi-Team)

The Team was called to assist Glossop, Edale, DerbyMRT's  and SARDA dogs in seraching for a 74 yr old man with Hypothermia, who had been found by two fell runners at Bleaklow Stones. The casualty was evacuated by stretcher. Two WMRT members sustained knee injuries due to the deep snow, one of whom had to be stretchered off.


2012-03: 21st January 2012 : 18.30 (SARDA)

2 Dog Handlers, Wayne & Ken, were called to assist Glossop MRT in a search for 3 walkers after they had reported one had an injury, Located and evacuated by Police helicopter.


2012-02: 21st January 2012 : 08.30 (SARDA)

6 Dog Handlers including Wayne & Ken  were called to assist Oldham MRT in a search for a 56 year old despondent male, Police enquires ongoing


2012-01: 7th January 2012 – 17:20 (SARDA)

Team search dogs with navigators called to assist Glossop MRT with 2  persons misplaced on Bleaklow. Stood down before being deployed as the persons were found making their own way off the hill.[Edit]