2014 Incidents

2014-26: December 27th 00:12 (YAS Assist)

The team was tasked by South Yorkshire Ambulance Service and the Police to assist them on an number of calls where they could not reach members of the public because of the snow conditions.[Edit]

2014-25: November 28th 11:47 (Search)

We were asked by South Yorkshire Police to help with a search for a 55 yr old female reported missing from home in Doncaster. After liaising with the police it was decided that there was little we could do at present until we had more definite information as to when and where she was last seen.[Edit]

2014-24: November 18th 04:20 (Search)

We were called to search for a vulnerable 21 yr old male missing from home in the Maltby area. As the TL and deps were heading to the police station to form a search plan, the lad was found by the Police .[Edit]

2014-23: November 9th 12:52 (YAS Assist)

We were called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to attend to a man who had sustained a lower leg injury on the cut gate track above Bull Clough.  The team treated him at the scene and he was evacuated directly to hospital by the air ambulance.[Edit]

2014-22: November 1st 12:20 (Snatch)

Whist we were covering the annual Grin and Bear it challenge walk and fell race, one of the fell runners sustained an ankle injury between cat clough and swains head.  The team quickly responded to the call for help and treated the casualty before  he was evacuated by NWAS Air ambulance to hospital.[Edit]

2014-21: October 26th 11:45 (YAS Assist)

We were called by SYMAS to assist the ambulance crew with the extraction of an elderly lady who had slipped and fallen on a path near Bolsterstones, damaging her hip. We put her in a Vacuum Mattress and stretchered her off to the Ambulance.[Edit]

2014-20: October 20th 10:03 (Search)

The team was tasked by South Yorkshire Police to assist them with a search for a 57 year old vulnerable male who was missing from home. Together with Edale MRT and SARDA search dogs, we searched the Beighton area near Sheffield all day but found nothing. Further information received by the Police prompted them to close down the search. Enquiries are ongoing. November 28th Update : The man has now been found safe and well in London[Edit]

2014-19: September 17th 13:01 (YAS Assist)

We were called by South Yorkshire Ambulance  Service to attend to a 70 year old female who had slipped on a banking near Thurgoland, sustaining head injuries. The team treated her on scene and evacuated her by stretcher to the ambulance at the road head.[Edit]

2014-18: August 18th 00:10 (Multi-Team)

We were called by Glossop MRT just after midnight to help them search for 12 walkers reported lost on Bleaklow. As we were deploying, the walkers were found at Glossop Low by GMRT who had driven up in their Land Rover.[Edit]

2014-17: Agust 11th 16:14 (Snatch)

We were called to assist a Dutch family who were on holiday and had become stranded on the wrong side of the river in middle black clough, due to the rising water levels. The team deployed and transported them safely accross the river. As a testement to the Mountain Rescue, the family later said to us " As soon as we saw the red jackets, we knew we were safe"[Edit]

2014-16: August 3rd 19:17 (Search)

We were contacted by South Yorkshire Police to assist them with a search in the Penistone area for a missing vulnerable 10 year old boy.  We deployed teams around the area and Sarda search dogs in a Four hour search. The boy was eventually found safe and well near silkstone common by a n police officer.[Edit]

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2014-15: July 30th 16:31 (YAS Assist)

We were asked to assist the Yorkshire ambulance service to help recover a man in the area of Black cloughs who had reportedly injured his leg. However it qiuckly became apparent that he was not in the location supplied to YAS.   Assisted by Glossop Mrt, Sarda dogs and the air ambulance,  we started to mount a full search of the northern edge of Bleaklow, but shortly after, his companion was found on the Longdendale trail by a cyclist, who contacted our control. The casualty was at the top of Shining Clough. Because of the steepness of the ground and his injuries, he was evacuated by an RAF Sea king.[Edit]

2014-14: July 6th 20:03 (YAS Assist)

We were called directly by a SYMAS paramedic who was dealing with a man who had hopped over a wall only to find that the drop was further than expected! He injured his legs but we were stood down almost immediately as the Fire service turned up to assist.[Edit]

2014-13: June 20th 14:21 (YAS Assist)

We were called by South Yorkshire Ambulance Service to a Mountain Biker in Grenoside woods who had fallen off his bike and was drifting in and out of consciousness. We were assisted by Edale MRT, and helped recover the cyclist to the ambulance.[Edit]

2014-12: June 14th 15:20 (Snatch)

The Team was asked to assist Glossop MRT to recover a casualty from the Crowden Area. The incident was concluded shortly after we arrived.[Edit]

2014-11: May 31st 21:47 (Search)

We were called by West Yorkshire Police to an incident at Snailsden above Hade Edge, where a man had drowned after jumping into a reservoir. The police divers recovered the body the following day.[Edit]

2014-10: May 29th 15:38 (Snatch)

We were tasked by the duty controller to attend an incident involving a civililian helicopter which had been forced to land on the moors near salters brook due to bad weather.  Together with Glossop MRT, we recovered the crew and passengers who were all uninjured, and took them to our HQ to warm them up, before helping them to reach their final destination in Huddersfield.[Edit]

2014-09: May 17th 21:00 (Search)

In  one of our shortest callouts ever, we were asked to search for a missing Mountain Biker in Grenoside Woods. Minutes afterwards we were stood down has he had somehow turned up in Doncaster ![Edit]

2014-08: May 10th (Water Team)

Our Swift water section was called out to help search for a missing vulnerable female  in the Chadkirk area of Romiley. The search was  eventually called off by the Police on receipt of new information regarding the missing person.[Edit]

2014-07: April 22nd 18:51 (YAS Assist)

We were called by South Yorkshire Ambulance Service to help them bring to safety a vulnerable male who had been missing from home since yesterday and had been found alive but in a poorly state near Grenoside. He was evacuated to the ambulance and taken to hospital.[Edit]

2014-06: April 7th 16:45 (Search)

Together with Edale MRT and Sarda dogs, we were tasked by Derbyshire Police to search for a Mountain Biker who had set off from Ladybower and become  lost on the Howden Moors. Having no map, he could only give the police an approximate location, which  proved fruitless. After a 4 hr search, he was located at the roadside near Black Cloughs  having managed to get off the hill safely, once the weather lifted.[Edit]

2014-05: March 31st 13:05 (Multi-Team)

We were called by Edale MRT to assist them in recovering a climber who had fallen from Rivelin Rocks. Before either Team had reached the scene however, the climber had miraculously managed to walk off from the scene of the accident.[Edit]

2014-04: March 22nd 17:00 (YAS Assist)

We responded to call from SYMAS to help them evacuate a mountain biker who had injured himself whilst riding in Wharncliffe Woods. He had sustained injuries to his upper leg and was evacuated directly by our land rover ambulance to northern general hospital.[Edit]

2014-03: March 7th 14:10 (Search)

We were asked to assist south yorkshire police in a search for a 40 yr old vulnerable male who had gone missing from home in the Maltby area. The police were concerned for this safety and wanted to start  the search immediately, but as we were deploying, he was found alive by he police in an outbuilding on a country estate.[Edit]

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2014-02: February 15th 14:10 (Snatch)

The team were called out today to assist a fell runner doing a recce of the high peak marathon route. The runner was well prepared but had fallen and became mildly hypothermic. We were  assisted by Edale MRT who helped us stretcher the casualty to the road head where she was taken away by Ambulance.[Edit]

2014-01: January 12th 14:30 (Multi-Team)

Whilst providing safety cover for the Trigger fell race, we were contacted by the police who reported a woman with a leg injury above the little don river near Langsett. We asked GMRT to assist but they were later stood down as the woman was taken to hospital by air ambulance.[Edit]