2013 Incidents

2013-27: November 19th 21:33 (Search)

We were alerted by SY Police to look for a 12 yr old vulnerable female who had run away from home in Ecclesfield.  As we were aout to start our search she was found safe and well by a member of the public on a footpath.[Edit]

2013-26: October 30th 14:46 (Multi-Team)

We were asked to assist Edale MRT with the evacuation of a D of E student who was reported to be unconscious at Cutthroat Bridge, Ladybower. Shortly after we deployed we were stood down as the air ambulance had arrived and taken care of the casualty.[Edit]

2013-25: October 18th 19:00 (SARDA)

We were asked by Glossop MRT to provide a search dog team to help with a search for a party of 18 film crew who had got lost in the top of the Alport whilst making a film trailer. Search dog Abbie and Ken plus a navigator went to Snake summit to assist, but the party were all located and reported safe by the time we arrived.[Edit]

2013-24: October 6th 12:36 (YAS Assist)

We were asked by the ambulance service to assist with the recovery of the body of a 44 yr old male mountain biker who had sadly collapsed and died whilst taking part in a charity bike ride at Salters Brook. Our condolences go out to his family and friends.[Edit]

2013-23: September 29th 16:55 (Snatch)

We were called to Wharncliffe Woods to recover a mountain biker who had fallen from his bike whilst riding in the wods. He was treated at the scene an tranferred to the ambulance.[Edit]

2013-22: September 22nd 18:05 (Search)

We were called to assist Glossop MRT search for a missing person on Bleaklow. Our search dog Abbie was also deployed. Thirty minutes later as we were deploying from Torside, we were told to stand down by the Police & GMRT .  At present we do not know what happened to the missing person.[Edit]

2013-21: September 14th 06:27 (Search)

We were asked by West Yorkshire Police to search for two 23 yr old males who had gone missing on the moors around Holme Moss summit after running away  from the police. We were assisted by dogs from Oldham, Woodhead and Glossop MRT's and personell from HVMRT.  Just after the teams were deployed, we managed to locate the missing lads by phone and after ascertaining that they were no longer in danger the teams were stood down.[Edit]

2013-20: September 8th 16:16 (YAS Assist)

We were alerted by the duty controller to assist the ambulance service recover a mountain biker who'd had an accident in Wharncliffe Woods. After contacting his friend by mobile phone it appeared that he was determined to try and walk off despite injuring his ankle, shoulder and wrist. He was met at the road by the YAS Fast responder and we were then stood down.[Edit]

2013-19: August 25th 17:00 (Snatch)

The team  attended a call to  a fallen climber in the area of Wharncliffe crags.  He had taken a fall but decide to move and had managed to get himself half way to the road  by the tine we reached him. We took him to the ambulance for treatment.[Edit]

2013-18: August 18th 19:53 (YAS Assist)

We received a call to go to the assistance of a walker who was injured at Redmires Reservoir , in the Rivelin area. We attended the incident along with Edale MRT, and transferred the casualty to the Ambulance.[Edit]

2013-17: August 15th 13:27 (Multi-Team)

We were asked by South Yorkshire Police to search for a vulnerable 85 year old male, missing from home in the Catcliffe area of Sheffield. Together with Edale MRT and several SARDA dogs, we searched the river banks and undergrowth around the area for several hours.The man was eventually found safe and well by a member of the public who had recognised him from a newsflash that had been put out earlier in the day.[Edit]

2013-16: August 1st 20:03 (Multi-Team)

We were called to assist Edale MRT to search for a missing vulnerable female in the woods areound the Rivelin Dams. At around 22:30 she was located alive but poorly by a SARDA search dog team and evacuated to the dam wall where she was transferered to an ambulance. We then mounted a second search for her belongings which were also successfully recovered.[Edit]

2013-15: June 23rd 00:55 (Multi-Team)

We were called to assist Glossop MRT in a search for a father and son who were reported missing on Bleaklow whilst mountain biking. As we started to search the blacks in foul weather, they were found cold and wet but otherwise unharmed by a GMRT hasty search team at Hearn Stones.[Edit]

2013-14: May 18th (YAS Assist)

Whilst the team were attending the Barnsley 999 day, they were called upon to help with a teenage girl who had suffered a seizure in the street. Four of our members including three medics attended the young lady and helped transfer her to the Ambulance.[Edit]

2013-13: May 18th 09:00 (Multi-Team)

We were asked by Derby MRT to assist them with a search for a missing vulnerable 21 year old make who had been missing since Tuesday in Bolsover. The incident had been widely publicised, and members of the public and 4x4 response groups were also involved. We searched three areas of interest but nothing was found. The Police are continuing their enquires.[Edit]

2013-12: May 16th 15:00 (Multi-Team)

We were asked to provide safety cover for the public during the Dambusters flypast at the Derwent Dams. During the day, a 60 year old male became confused and lost and we assisted Edale MRT in the search.[Edit]

2013-11: May 9th 20:50 (YAS Assist)

We were called by South Yorkshire Ambulance Service to help rescue an Angler who had slipped and fallen on a river bank in Sheffield after drinking all day, sustaining an ankle injury. The team treated him on scene and evacuated him to the ambulance.[Edit]

2013-10: May 4th 14:00 (Snatch)

The team had been asked to provide first aid cover for the Steel City Mountain Bike Event. The morning and early afternoon passed by without incident, but between 2pm and the end of the race we dealt with eight casualties with varying injuries, all of whom had suffered an  unexpected coming together with mother earth. One sustained a dislocated shoulder and was stretchered to the Ambulance.[Edit]

2013-09: March 28th 12:15 (Multi-Team)

We were asked to assist Kinder, Edale, Oldham, Buxton and Glossop MRT's, in a search for a despondent male who was believed to be missing on or around Kinder Scout. Information received from the police led us to believe that he may have been trying to avoid detection, but he was eventually found alive by a KMRT party near Kinder Reservoir and escorted to safety.[Edit]

2013-08: March 23rd 09:47 (YAS Assist)

We got a call at 09.47 from Yorkshire Ambulance Service requesting assistance with an elderly couple in Dunford Bridge, a YAS crew was en route. Since WM1 was mobile we deployed and followed a JCB into Dunford Bridge - without which we would not have got there - assisted the YAS crew and then returned to Carlecotes crossroads for a handover to a land Ambulance. Whilst there several cars were stuck, these were dug out and a family given a lift up to Crow edge where they needed to collect family members.After dealing with the Carlecotes cars we returned to Penistone, called in at the police station to see what else was required but, there were no further problems at that time.  A quick check of the nursing home, sheltered accommodation and other vulnerable areas revealed all was well. We contacted SYP and YAS to advise we were available, neither had any incidents, so we stood down.[Edit]

2013-07: March 22nd 16:16 (YAS Assist)

We were asked in the afternoon by the discharge lounge at HRI to transport a patient to Scunthorpe. This was via the west Yorkshire Resilience forum. It was significantly out of our area and as we did not want to commit WM1 so far out of area, we asked if any team members were willing to assist. Two team members kindly offered to help out, and they spent a long evening providing a patient transport service over to Scunthorpe and back.Meanwhile the Snow continued to fall. We called SYP to ask if they needed assistance, they advised Penistone was pretty chaotic, so we deployed WM1 to assist. We spent about 1 hour towing / pushing cars up the hill into Thurlstone since the main road was backing up. Once this was cleared we took a quick drive around Penistone, all was clear so we stood down[Edit]

2013-06: March17th 2013 01:05 (Search)

We were asked by South Yorkshire Police to search for a 74 year old vulnerable female in Goldthorpe who had been missing since 17:30 the previous day. She was reported missing by her family after she failed to return from walking the dog. We were assisted by Edale and Derby MRT's plus 8 search dogs. The teams searched the area around Goldthorpe for 9 hrs before she was found safe and well at Monk Bretton near Barnsley later in the morning after a sighting by a member of the public who knew her.[Edit]

2013-05: February 9th 15:23 (YAS Assist)

We were asked by South Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist with the recovery of a 46 yr old male who had broken his right ankle on the Cut Gate track. We stretchered him off to our vehicle and transported him to the road head where he was tarnsferred to the County Ambulance.[Edit]

2013-04: January 26th 00:15 (Multi-Team)

We were asked by the police to provide 4X4 assistance to rescue drivers who had become stranded in the snow on the Woodhead Pass after ignoring the Road Closed signs and trying to divert via Dunford Bridge. The Team Land Rover was despatched and ferried drivers to the safety of the Holiday Inn at Tankersley.[Edit]

2013-03: January 19th 15:17 (YAS Assist)

We were tasked by South Yorkshire Ambulance Service to recover a man from Wharncliffe Woods near Grenoside, who had fallen and fractured his lower leg after the air ambulance called to the task had to divert elsewhere. We strechered him off to the ambulance at the roadside.[Edit]

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2013-02: January 18th 22:30 (YAS Assist)

The Team had been put on standby by South Yorkshire Ambulance Service on Thursday to assist them with rescues during the bad weather. Late Friday evening we were asked to help them recover an ambulance which had become stranded in the snow in Penistone. The Team landrover and two personnel were despatched to tow it to safety.[Edit]

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2013-01: January 2nd 2013 18:12 (Snatch)

Two walkers got into difficulties in Ewden Beck whilst trying to get to the Strines Road. One of them dislodged a large stone whilst trying to climb out of the beck and it fell onto his knee damaging it.  We had a very difficult time just getting our team members and equipment to the cas site because of the terrain and dense vegitation, so a decision was made to evacuate the casualty by Sea King Helicopter to avoid any further distress during what would have been a very difficult extraction.The Helicopter was on scene for 30 minutes and took the casualty, accompanied by a team member, directly to Hospital. We then had to get our people out of the brook again and back to the R.V. Few of us got to bed before Midnight.View news article[Edit]