2015 Incidents

2015-30: 28th December (Water Team)

After only a day’s rest, our water team members together with MRT’s from as far away as Cornwall and the Lake District descended upon York to help flood victims after one of the wettest Decembers in recent history. MRT’s from all over the country were there for three days helping to rescue people from their homes.[Edit]

2015-29: 26th December (Water Team)

In a repeat of the Cumbria incident, we were sent to Littleborough and then on to Salford to help rescue flood victims and the elderly from their homes after severe flooding hit the area.[Edit]

2015-28: December 12th 11:06 (Search)

We were called by South Yorkshire Police to help locate a vulnerable male who was missing from home and believed to be in the vicinity of the Damflask Reservoir near Bradfield. We called in Edale MRT and the SARDA search dogs to assist with the search, and the man was found deceased within an hour.[Edit]

2015-27: December 5th-6th (Water Team)

Together with many other Mountain Rescue Teams from around the country, we were asked to assist the emergency services with flood relief in Cumbria. Several of our Water qualified Team Members went to Penrith and onto Carlisle to help evacuate members of the public from their homes and transport them to safety. The operation lasted 24 hours.[Edit]

2015-26: December 1st 23:15 (Search)

We were asked to assist Glossop MRT in a search for a missing vulnerable male who had crashed his car on the Woodhead Pass and gone missing. Together with GMRT we searched the reservoir banks and the hillside near to the crash site and found him alive close to where he’d left his car.[Edit]

2015-25: November 24th 14:27 (YAS Assist)

We were asked by Edale MRT to help them recover a fallen climber at Rivelin Rocks. The climber was located, treated at scene and moved by stretcher to the Ambulance.[Edit]

2015-24: November 8th 17:45 (Multi-Team)

We were asked by Edale MRT to assist them with a search in the Firbeck area for a missing child. As we were starting to deploy, the boy was found safe and well by a police partrol.[Edit]

2015-23: November 2nd 13:08 (YAS Assist)

We wre called by YAS to assist a 75yr old female who has sustained a lower leg injury whilst walking near Windle Edge. She was treated on scene and stretchered off to the Ambulance.[Edit]

2015-22: October 30th 17:22 (Snatch)

The team was called to assst a lone walker who had become lost on the Langsett Moors. We quickly located him using a GPS tracking app,  and sent a team to escort him to safety.[Edit]

2015-21: 25th October 13:41 (YAS Assist)

We were called by YAS to recover a mountain biker who had crashed whilst riding in Greno Woods, a regular location for callouts. The rider had been unconcious for a while so we treated him on scene and evacuated him to the ambulance.[Edit]

2015-18,19,20: 16th to 18th October (Search)

We were asked by South Yorkshire Police to assist them in their search for a missing 27 yr old female from Doncaster who was missing from home. The police had evidence that she was intent on taking her own life.Over three days, together with SARDA Edale, Glossop and Derby MRT's plus ALSAR teams, we searched the Potteric Carr Nature Reserve in Doncaster with no result. She was found later deceased outside te reserve.[Edit]

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2015-17: September 23rd 09:00 (Search)

We were put on standby by South Yorkshire Police to search for a missing 12 year old boy last seen in Chapeltown in Sheffield the previous day. At noon, the Police asked us to deploy and search the area near the railway station, with assistance from Edale MRT and Search dogs. The boy was then spotted on CCTV in Leeds and officers located him there bringing an end to the incident.[Edit]

2015-16: September 13th 11:45 (YAS Assist)

We were called directly by YAS to attend a fallen mountain biker at the Steel City MTB track in Grenoside woods, our 5th call to this area this year. However we were stood down on route as the mountain bker had manged to walk to the ambulance.[Edit]

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2015-15: September 5th 15:12 (Multi-Team)

The team was asked to assist Edale MRT to recovr a 63 yr old male from the Strines Dam area who had broken his ankle. The man was treated on scene and evacuated by stretcher to the ambulance.[Edit]

2015-14: August 19th 23:30 (Search)

We were called by the police to search for a 17yr old boy who had set off walking from Holme to Bleaklow and become lost when visibilty deteriorated. Glossop and Edale teams plus SARDA dogs were called to assist and the lad was found safe and well at Grinah Stones around 4:30 am after an all night search.[Edit]

2015-13: August 16th 04:20 (Multi-Team)

We were called to assist Edale MRT to search in the Rivelin area for a 80 yr old Male who had gone missing from his care home. Several teams plus SARDA dogs were involved in the search, and the man was found alive in woodlands around 11am[Edit]

2015-12: July 27th 08:20 (Search)

We were contacted by the duty controler to help SY Police search for a 7 yr old boy from Barnsley who had been reported missing the night before. Just as we were starting to deploy, he was found deceased in Worsbrough[Edit]

2015-11: July 21st 14:21 (YAS Assist)

In a repeat of the previous incident, a young lad had crashed his bike in the same hole in Grenoside Woods. The team again worked with YAS to treat him on scene and transfer him to Hospital.[Edit]

2015-10: July 19th 15:54 (Search)

We were called out to another Mountain Bike accident by YAS in Grenoside Woods, where a Mountain Biker had come to grief at the botton of the "bomb hole" jump. He was transferrd to the Ambulance.[Edit]

2015-09: July 17th 12:14 (YAS Assist)

The Team was called by YAS to assist with the recovery of a Mountain Biker who had fallen from his bike sustaining serious injuries in a quarry near Doncaster. He was airlifted to hospital by the air ambulance.[Edit]

2015-08: June 7th 14:08 (YAS Assist)

We were called by South Yorkshire Ambulance Service to a Mountain Biker who had fallen from his bike in Wharncliffe Woods injuring his shoulder. The team helped evacuate him to the Ambulance.[Edit]

2015-07: May 28th 17:20 (Search)

The team was called to help South Yorkshire Police search for a 45 yr old vulnerable female reported missing from home by her family. Together with members from Edale and Calder Valley MRT plus Search Dogs from SARDA, we searched the Stairfoot area of Barnsley for 6 Hours  without result.  She was later she was found deceased in dense woodland.[Edit]

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2015-06: April 26th 13:24 (YAS Assist)

We had been exercising in Wharncliffe woods this morning practiceing treating Mountain Bike accidents. In the afternoon we were called back to the same area to do it for real when a Mountain Biker hit a tree just across the road from where we had been during the morning. Several of the team were still in the area and were able to respond quickly to the call from YAS.[Edit]

2015-05: April 23rd 13:15 (Multi-Team)

We were asked by Glossop MRT to assist them and Oldham MRT with the recovery of an injured walker from the Pennine way below Red Ratcher. The team went in from Chew Mount and the cas was evacuated by the Air Ambulance.[Edit]

2015-04: April 22nd 21:00 (YAS Assist)

we were called by South Yorkshire Ambulance Service to help them recover a 49 yr old lady who had fallen down a banking in Darfield, Barnsley and broken her ankle. The team recovered her to the ambulance.[Edit]

2015-03: March 29th 16:00 (Multi-Team)

We were contacted by the duty controller to assist EMRT in looking for a party which had become lost and in additionally had become separated from one of their number. Working on information received, we searched towards Back Tor and found the whole party at the trig point. They were evacuated using two 4x4's.[Edit]

2015-02: February 8th 22:04 (Search)

We were called by the Police who had received a call from a man who was lost on the moors above Ewden Beck. After sending a vehicle up the track to the shooting cabin, he was quickly located and escorted to safety.[Edit]

2015-01: January 2nd 17:43 (YAS Assist)

We were called by SYMAS to assist them with the recovery of the body of a 70 yr old male who had suffered a fatal heart attack whilst cycling the Trans Pennine Trail at Millhouse Green.[Edit]