YAS 11135804 61 YOF fell off bike on TPT

We were called by YAS to attend to a 61 YOF who had fallen
from her Mountain Bike on the TPT near Millhouse Green. The Team were quickly on
scene and dealt with the lady who had a possible fracture of her collar bone.
Whilst we were on scene we received another report of a young 6YOF who had been
knocked off her bike on the same track just to the west of the original cas
location. Team members went to the scene and found that she had minor facial
injuries. She and her father were transported to their home address. The 61YOF
was carried on the stretcher with wheel attached to the Ambulance at the road

This incident involved 13 team members, and 40.3 man hours of effort. Elapsed time 3.1 hours.