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An 82 YOM fell on a path in woods near Conisbrough injuring his left Knee. We attended the scene and after treatment by the ambulance crew, we stretchered him off to the ambulance. This incident involved 11 team members, and 40.7 man hours of effort. Elapsed time 3.7 hours.

YAS 15023897 Male with injured Knee Conisbrogh

We were tasked along with Search dogs and Lowland search and rescue to look for a 62 YOF who had gone missing from home. We searched Sandall Beat Woods near Doncaster without result. This incident involved 9 team members, and 51.3 man hours of effort. Elapsed time 5.7 hours.

SYP 1228 Missing vulnerable female

South Yorkshire Police requested our help in locating an 80 YOM who had gone missing from his care home in Shiregreen. We were assisted by members of Holme Valley MRT and MRSDE search dogs in searching the area around Wincobank. Nothing was found but sadly he was later found deceased […]

SYP172 80 YOM Misper, Shiregreen

We were called by YAS to a male climber who had taken a fall from Wharncliffe Crags, sustaining chest injuries. Using ropes and manpower, we hauled him up the crags and transported him by stretcher to the ambulance. This incident involved 16 team members, and 44.8 man hours of effort. […]

YAS 14900414 Fallen Climber Wharncliffe Crags

As we were returning home from the last job, another request for help from Edale MRT was received to assist with the rescue of a 2 YOF who had fallen 5ft sustaining serious injuries. She was treated by a HEMS doctor and stretchered off to the ambulance. This incident involved […]

YAS 14870484 EMRT Assist

We were asked by Edale MRT to take over as job in the Rivelin valley as they had to re-deploy to a more urgent job on Stanage edge. We also Deployed South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue to assist us as their station was close by. A male with a collar […]

YAS 14873687 EMRT Assist

We were asked by South Yorkshire Police to search for a missing vulnerable male in the Armthorpe area of Doncaster. Together with Edale MRT and MRSDE search dogs, we searched the woods south of his home address without result. He later turned up at home safe and well. This incident […]

SYP 330 High Risk Misper, Armthorpe

A 50 YOM was reported to have fallen sustaining a serious leg injury on the banks of Midhope Reservoir. However we search the area with no result and it later transpired that this was an error by the ambulance service and in fact the patient was in another area altogether. […]

YAS 14843254 50 YOM Broken Leg

Once again, we were in Greno Woods attending to a 52 YOM mountain biker who sustained serious multiple injuries after falling off his mountain Bike and hitting a rock. Together with YAS paramedics, we placed him in a vacuum mattress and stretchered him off to the Ambulance. This incident involved […]


Our second incident of the day was a mountain biker who had fallen from his bike in Greno woods sustaining a penetrating injury to his leg from the brake lever. We treated him on scene and stretchered him off to the Ambulance. This incident involved 21 team members, and 33.6 […]


We were alerted by YAS to a 25 YOM who had become lost in a field whilst making his way home under the influence of drugs and alcohol. We arrived on scene and escorted him to an ambulance where he was transferred to hospital. This incident involved 20 team members, […]

YAS 14737688 25 YOM lost in field nr Oxpring

A young male fell off his mountain buike around the Yorkshire Wildlife park area. We were place on standby by YAS but the ambulance crews managed to reach him and we were stood down. This incident involved 8 team members, and 12.8 man hours of effort. Elapsed time 1.6 hours.

YAS 14709901 MTB Aukley

The second callout of New Years Eve was to a woman who had become lost whilst walking on Cut Gate. She was located by her husband who had been searching for her and we escorted them both to safety. This incident involved 17 team members, and 27.2 man hours of […]

SYP 364 Missing Walker Cut Gate