[WMRT] WMRT callout for lost walker.

On Thursday the 17th of October, Woodhead Mountain Rescue Team was contacted by South Yorkshire Police to locate a lost  23-year-old male that had been walking out on the moors in the Peak District in an area above Langsett.
The youngster had set off earlier in the day from Langsett to do a circular route but on his return, lost the footpath and was unable to relocate it, the ground was saturated and very boggy which made the going very tough. The young man decided the best course of action would be to contact  South Yorkshire Police and report himself lost, he was able to provide a What 3 Words location to the police which in turn was passed onto the team.

Team members were called out at 22:42hrs and made their way to the RV.

Communication with the youngster was very intermittent and with the uncertainty of his condition, the decision was made to call on our neighbours Glossop Mountain Rescue Team for assistance should we need to carry the youngster off the hill. One of the many benefits the Peak District has is it’s number of Mountain Rescue Teams that all operate underneath the Peak District Mountain Rescue Organisation, this means teams can call upon each other for assistance if needed increasing the amount of man power available.
The Phone Find system was used to confirm the casualties location, just east of Swains Head and team members including search dog Scout from Mountain Rescue Search Dogs England were deployed from different locations, the reason for this is if he decided to move, it would give us a good chance to intercept him.
The young man was located at 00:17hrs and other than being lost and a little cold, he was in good spirits and happy to be walked off the hill to safety.
The incident was complete by 01:23hrs with a total of 24 team members from both Glossop MRT and Woodhead MRT plus one pooch. Team members managed to catch a few hours sleep before the alarms went off ready for their day jobs to commence. Volunteers on call 24/7 365 days a year .